The combined power of
entrepreneurs and investors

Smartlink Partners is a venture capital fund designed to offer the business insight of Poland’s leading entrepreneurs together with experience of seasoned investors. Such approach attracts highest potential companies and effectively supports them to achieve market and financial success.

Our strategy

We want to be the VC fund of choice for both: investors and startups

  • Unique team’s competence

    The combination of skills of Smartlink's founders and investors creates the dynamics where entrepreneurs (Smartlink) support entrepreneurs (Startups) through their business experience and the international Corporate Connections network, while effectively raising capital for growth.
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  • Unique startups

    We invest in companies that solve important problems of the modern world engaging teams with exceptional skills. We expect at least a pre-validated business model or commercialization-ready technology.
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  • Unique investment horizon

    We want our companies to grow quickly, enabling the fund to exit the investment within 3-5 years. Selected projects can stay longer in the portfolio to unlock their full business potential. The shorter investment horizon allows Smartlink to fulfill its liquidity promise for investors. However, involvement of top entrepreneur-investors in the Smartlink community ensures continuation of capital support to selected companies through direct investments of these investors.
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Siła startupów

Inwestujemy w rozwiązania istotnych problemów za pomocą technologii, a nie w same technologie.

Branże w które inwestujemy:

• cyfrowy biznes: software, SaaS, marketplace;
• e-commerce i technologie marketingowe;
• cyberbezpieczeństwo;
• biotechnologia, medtech, farmaceutyka;
• fintech;
• deeptech, hardware;
• AI i Machine Learning;
• VR i AR;
• energia odnawialna oraz ekologiczne materiały.

Zgłoś Projekt

    Zgłoś Projekt

    SmartLink Partners Sp. z o.o.
    ul. Smocza 27, 01-048 Warszawa, Polska

    Sąd Rejonowy dla m. St. Warszawy, XIII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego
    Wysokość kapitału zakładowego i kapitału wpłaconego: 40 000 złotych.
    NIP: 675-176-4451; REGON: 521913190; KRS: 0000969927.